My name is Shayan Ghiaseddin (شایان غیاث‌الدین in Persian) and I’m a landscape photographer. I was born on May 2, 1987 and grew up in Tehran, Iran. I’ve started my professional career in 2014 in a project to produce 54 minutes of Time-lapse video from landscapes of Iran. As a result, I traveled many parts of the country and learned a lot from people and nature.

My first camera was a Nikon D3200 DSLR with a built-in 18-55mm lens. I’ve enjoyed with it a lot. So I created my photo blog in 2013 to show my excitement. Soon, I’ve found out that I don’t know any thing about photography, and turned my photo blog into a learning project. It is still online and you can visit it on

On 2017, I’ve registered on “Fotolia”, which rebranded  later as Adobe Stock. It was a great experience to prepare a collection for Micro-stock, as every frame is reviewed in this platform by professionals. Now, I have over 2500 photos on my portfolio on Adobe Stock.

Organizing, Editing, and Traveling Again

I am still working on my database of photographs to organize, edit, prepare and publish. I use Adobe Bridge 2014 and Adobe Camera Raw 12.3 -organizing and editing tools- for 99.9% of my photos. I do like travel and I do travel occasionally to less-known places. If you can read in Persian, visit my travel journal in a Telegram channel. I believe in backpacking/hitch-hiking travels for the pace and mood; learned a lot from local people and nature.

This Website

I’ve always wanted to plot my photos on a map to see the great picture. On the Map page, I’ve did this and I hope you like it too. This is the primary reason to create this website.

On the other hand, I’ve wanted to publish artistic version of my photos in some collections. The Adobe Stock demand a flat version, without any kind of harsh edits. Whereas, here, in Store page you can watch my expression and intention on photos. The process of buying photos from this website is much easier than any other services. Make sure to check the terms of licensing on Regulation page. Feel free to send me email on [email protected]; I’d be happy to help and answer.


To my mother, Mrs. Shohreh Nikpour and to my father, Mr. Parviz Ghiaseddin, for their endless support and kindness.

To my friend and co-traveler, Mr. Hassan Beheshti, for his curiosity, hard-working, and support.

And to my Canon 6D and all the gears in my backpack! 

Shayan Ghiaseddin Self Potrait