Terms of Licensing

All visual assets in this website is under two type of license: (1) “On-site License” refers to the license that I grant to purchasers from this website; (2) “Adobe Stock” refers to licensing by Adobe in Adobe Stock Collection. You can find the License type in every photo webpage in “License” tab.

You can get and read “Terms of Licensing by Shayan Ghiaseddin’s Photography” to find details of On-site License. You can also read details of Adobe Stock License there.

Refund and Returns Policy

There is no refund and return for downloadable items such as photograph files.


Is there any difference in licensing for various “Size” of a photo?

No. If it is under On-site License, all size of the photo are protected by the same license.

Why does a photo have different prices?

There are four options of price for a photo corresponding to the size of its digital copy:

  • Small: the width and height of photo is equal or less than 800px,
  • Medium: the width and height of photo is equal or less than 1440px,
  • Large: the width and height of photo is equal or less than 1920px,
  • Full: the width and height of photo is equal to the original output of camera.

Can I use the photo in a webpage?

If you have purchased the photo under On-site License, yes, you can publish it on your website. But you cannot put it on merchandise unless you have modified it to the extend it is not substantially similar to original photo.

Do I “own” a photo after purchase?

No. You have the right to use it and you don’t have its ownership. (Terms of Licensing section 2)

Can I use the watermarked photos that published in this website?

No, you cannot use them unless you mention the credit and add a weblink to this website. (Terms of Licensing section 6)